2013 midseason awards

2013 midseason awards

Ralph-Lundy-soccer-sponsorship-message2OK, so on the one hand, this is link-bait. I admit it.

But on the other, I’ve been thinking about the first half of the Charleston Battery’s 2013 season quite a bit this week. There have been some distinct highs and lows, some great performances, and some memorable moments. And rather than picking them myself, I figured I’d get you to do it for me.

Because that’s just how we roll around here, baby.

Voting concludes Saturday at 6 p.m.








  1. Hey, Dan. Had to vote more than once in a few categories. Also had to add Odisnel Cooper to your MVP award (of course I voted more than once in that category).

    Also, worst performance would be hands down – the referees for the ENTIRE first half of the season.

  2. How about one for “sports crossover” play of the year? I’d vote for the hockey “crossover”: the time Zach Prince shoved the guy, he hit the ground and slid headfirst into the board

  3. Uhm, hello? Where’s the Best Hair category?!

    • Well, who would you nominate?