A Party To Start A Packed Weekend

A Party To Start A Packed Weekend



The Regiment were in great spirits after getting a 7-game monkey off our backs with the win against Dayton last week. With a 5-1 thrashing of Phoenix in midweek, the jitters were well and truly gone and we seemed confident about the game for once.

We were also anticipating the full weekend of Soccer to come, with the Battery playing their match on Saturday, and the national team playing in the Gold Cup final on Sunday.

The one thing you always get at a tailgate is good food. And it didn’t disappoint again, with the Pork being great again, and the pasta salad.

If there wasn’t 4000 people there, it sure felt like it. People were scrambling everywhere in conversation and banter. There was, however, at least a few more people there, with the South Carolina Tottenham fan club being out there while down from Columbia. They made the best effort to talk to people, and we, as a family orientated atmosphere, were happy to welcome their company.

It was looking as if it might rain early on,  but as kick-off got closer, the skies cleared up. All in all, it was a good night for Soccer. We thoroughly deserved the win, and we definitely needed it.

TOP IMAGE: Dane Kelly had a good night, and in this image, fights a defender for a header.

Photo Credit: Charleston Battery website.