A soccer news site for the Lowcountry

A soccer news site for the Lowcountry

Does the world really need another soccer website?

Well, maybe.

If it produces original news content, and not just more opinion.

If it focuses on soccer in the South Carolina Lowcountry.

If it can find ways to cover The Beautiful Game across the silos we use to keep things separate: Professional, college, academy, high school, recreation.

If it can connect the tens of thousands of local players and coaches and fans and give them a chance to be something more than disconnected.

If it can offer the businesses that serve those fans an efficient way to reach them.

Yeah, maybe.

So as the winter nights grow shorter and the first kick of the Carolina Challenge Cup approaches, the last quiet days of the off-seasondraw to a close. Soccer’s almost back, and in 2013 we’re working to give you more ways to stay in touch with your game than ever before. Because if something┬ácontributes to the culture of soccer in and around Charleston, it’s on our beat.