American Outlaws: Charleston chapter?

American Outlaws: Charleston chapter?

american_outlawsSo the big thing around here today is the U.S. Open Cup match between the Charleston Battery and the San Jose Earthquakes.

But tomorrow evening, the U.S. Men’s National Team plays Belgium in Cleveland for a friendly warm up to the Hex Qualifiers next month.

And it occurs to me: With all the soccer fans we have in town, why don’t we have a local American Outlaws chapter?

I’ve been in touch with a few people who’ve had an interest in boosting AO activity in the Lowcountry. I’ve been in touch with the national HQ in Nebraska. And here’s what I’m suggesting:

If you’re interested in supporting our national teams — and in having a bit more fun when they play — why not come out to watch the USMNT-v-Belgium match at Madra Rua North Charleston tomorrow? I’m only suggesting it because that’s where I’ve gone to watch USMNT games before, and that’s how I met a bunch of my local soccer friends for the first time. And while we watch the game tomorrow night, we can talk about trying to attract a bunch of people to a sponsoring bar — any bar, doesn’t have to be Madra — on June 2 for the friendly against Germany.

Because here’s the deal: If we can get 25 dues-paying members of A.O. (and ┬áit’s an easy sell — for $24 you get this year’s shirt, plus the trademark AO flag bandana, plus discounts on tickets, travel, rental cars, etc.), plus a sponsoring bar, plus some kind of local leadership (btw: don’t look at me), then we can apply for official chapter status.

Why does that matter? Because since when is it OK that Orlando has a chapter, but Charleston doesn’t? Jacksonville and Huntsville and Greenville, N.C., all have them. They’ve got them in Vermont and Oklahoma, in Richmond and Rochester and in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, for crying out loud. How can we call ourselves a legit soccer city if we don’t have an active chapter of our national supporters’ group here in Charleston?

Are we gonna let these wogs kick sand in our faces?

Hell, when I joined A.O. in March 2012 in Nashville I ran into two random people at the bar who were from Charleston. So we’re out there. We just need to stop drinking long enough to get organized.

So, if you’re at all interested in this — spread the world. I’ll be at Madra Rua tomorrow night before the 8 p.m. match, and anybody that’s interested can drop by and we’ll talk about how to get this thing going. This site will do whatever it can to support the formation of an American Outlaws Chapter in Charleston — but we’re here to help, not to direct.