Big USA-Mexico qualifier tonight

Big USA-Mexico qualifier tonight

Just a quick shout out to remind everyone that the newly chartered Charleston Chapter of the American Outlaws will be gathering at Madra Rua Park Circle tonight to watch USA-Mexico live from Crew Stadium in Columbus, Ohio, at 8 p.m.

If it’s been a while since you joined us, a few things to bear in mind:

GET THERE EARLY: Remember how there used to be just a few people who’d come out for matches? That’s kinda not the case anymore. So if you want to “sit” in the soccer room, you need to get there early. And with everyone packing into the soccer room come game time, sitting in the tables along the back wall can be a dicey proposition. These things tend to be SRO except for the two tables along the side walls.

DON’T FEAR THE OVERFLOW: The soccer room may be the traditional draw, but during big games it’s common to see clusters of A.O. members and USA fans gathered all around the bar. There’s also a lot of wandering around.

THE PATIO HAS ITS APPEAL: Some awesome members of the chapter head straight for the patio. It’s mostly a cigarette thing, but it’s also a nice place to watch a soccer game on a cool summer evening.

WEAR RED (OR BLUE): It’s just kind of a happy-group-conformity thing.

IT’S LOUD – AND NSFW: One reason the fans wear red might be because the language tends to be a bit on the blue side (particularly when the USA is losing 3-1). If you’re a parent who is concerned about exposing your young children to rowdy adult behavior at a bar, well … don’t say you weren’t warned.

THREE OF OUR MEMBERS WILL BE AT THE GAME: Congrats to Brent Droze, Andy Potter and Bradley Mohan for having the good sense to buy tickets and get up to Ohio.



  1. I promise I wont wear my awesome 8bit #goldcupchampions shirt. think it was bad luck. going with a red AO shirt tonight, should have known not to mess with a 12 match streak!

  2. I hear Jurgen called you personally to express his disappointment with your shirt choice.