CCC 2014: Day 1 photo galleries

CCC 2014: Day 1 photo galleries

This year’s Battery season began with a loss to Seattle on the first of three nights scheduled for this year’s Carolina Challenge Cup. That was disappointing, but the event — and the 2014 soccer season — got off to a spectacular start.

A sellout crowd of 5,195 fans. Reunions in the parking lot. New faces that arrived via American Outlaws. A new Supporters Section in E-1. New vendors. A packed pro shop in the East Stands. Houston vs. D.C. United. Charleston vs. Seattle.

Like Colin Falvey said, the whole soccer city buzzed about this event, and unlike the past two years — when terrible weather dampened the mood — this year, everything worked.

I’ve got a game wrap in the works, but in the meantime, here’s a photo gallery — and links to two other photo galleries — to tide you over.


Kim Morgan Gregory’s gallery of the day is here.

Ross Almers’ gallery is here.


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  1. Great photos, Dan. Cover photo is the best yet. Adley makes me smile just looking at her. She is just so darn cute. Love the photos of the tailgate as well. Thanks for the mentions of Ross site and Kim’s. Looking forward to another article and the next game on Wednesday.