Dan’s notes: Battery v. Jose, minute by minute

Dan’s notes: Battery v. Jose, minute by minute

8th MINUTE: Michael Azira forced goalkeeper Dave Bingham’s first action of the night when he put a shot on frame.

18th MINUTE: Fucito — whose speed confounded the Battery for the first hour — found space on the left side and fired a shot from an acute angle. But Battery Captain Colin Falvey raced back to make a spectacular kick-save off the line.

20th MINUTE: A sustained Battery attack worked the ball upfield to outside midfielder Jarad van Schaik, who took three touches as he pushed the ball toward a central opening and then fired from a spot just left of the near post. It sailed high.

22nd MINUTE: Midfielder Zach Prince set up a free kick from danger on the right with a foul, but Battery keeper Odisnel Cooper made the save off the turf.

27th MINUTE: Yellow card to Justin Morrow after a collision with Mark Wiltse.

30th MINUTE: Yellow card to Steven Lenhart after action off the ball.

32nd MINUTE: The Battery clear a San Jose free kick and get the ball upfield to Dane Kelly, setting up a Cuevas to Azira to Cuevas to Ellison to Wiltse series that ended with a shot that bent wide of the far post.

35th MINUTE: The Quakes put the pressure on the Battery and John Wilson heads clear for a corner kick. It’s the first of three consecutive corners before the Battery win back possession.

40th MINUTE: Yellow card to Brad Ring.

42nd MINUTE: Wilson comes up on the left and crosses to Azira, who centers toward Nicki Paterson. Paterson attempts a difficult backheel volley, but doesn’t connect. On the subsequent Quakes attack, the Battery block three consecutive San Jose shots on goal, with the final block setting up a corner from the right. Falvey clears the kick, but it’s a weak effort from a difficult angle and an Earthquake manages to volley it back toward goal. It drifts high.

FIRST HALF STOPPAGE TIME: Yellow card to Cuevas for phantom contact with keeper Bingham near the left corner of his box.

47th MINUTE: Wilson strips Rafael Baca.

49th MINUTE: A weak shot from Lenhart goes straight to Cooper.

52nd MINUTE: In a rare mistake, Falvey misjudges Fucito’s acceleration and takes an angle that allows the stocky striker to turn the corner on him near the goal line on the right. But the Battery respond swiftly and calmly, stealing the ball and clearing to safety.

54th MINUTE: Wiltse goes down after a collision with Lenhart and has to leave the field for a few moments. Fucito also comes off limping, then re-enters the game… but can’t proceed. As play continues in the 57th minute, Fucito sits down at midfield and appears to be bitching at Zach Prince.

59th MINUTE: Chris Wondolowski replaces Fucito.

61st MINUTE: An excellent Wilson pass plays through van Schaik to Paterson, who passes ahead to Dane Kelly. But the Quakes shut down the threat rapidly.

63rd MINUTE: A Paterson foul on Ballouchy sets up a free kick in a dangerous area, and the Quakes come close to converting the set piece.

65th MINUTE: A Wilson steal results in a Paterson cross that finds Kelly in a good spot, but he is heavily marked and his header is off target.

66th MINUTE: Van Schaik clears the Battery out of a dangerous situation, but the resulting corner by Shea Salinas finds Lenhart, who heads toward goal. Cooper is there.

68th MINUTE: Chavez replaces Cato.

70th MINUTE: The Quakes advance a sustained possession into the attacking third, but cannot unlock a disciplined Battery defense.

72nd MINUTE: Prince wins a free kick from the left side of midfield in the Quakes area. Cuevas’ kick bends through the box as Ellison and Lenhart struggle but it goes untouched.

73rd MINUTE: Prince wins another free kick from almost the same spot. This time Cuevas finds Falvey trailing the first run, and he heads it into the upper corner. Battery 1, Quakes 0.

74th MINUTE: In what might be the decisive moment of the match, Wilson deflects a pass, and Prince clears brilliantly ahead to Kelly, who stays onside under pressure from Ring and knocks it ahead. Unable to match Kelly’s speed in a running duel down the left sideline, Ring fouls Kelly. It’s his second of the match, and Ring is ejected.

78th MINUTE: Jahn replaces Salinas.

79th MINUTE: Playing a man down, but with their best attackers on the field, the Quakes press forward frantically. Cooper keeps them off the board with two consecutive punches on shots. The second is cleared long to Paterson, who wins a free kick in Quakes territory. Cuevas kicks into the box, and Bingham responds with a punch clearance of his own.

79th MINUTE: Defender Taylor Mueller replaces Prince.

80th MINUTE: A Cuevas corner kick reaches Kelly, but his sharp header sails high.

84th MINUTE: After two Wilson clearances and some nice ball-handling on a throw to van Schaik, Kelly takes a hard hit to the face and goes down. No call.

86th MINUTE: Lenhart turns in his best moment of the night, relentlessly pursuing a ball in the Battery box, creating something out of almost nothing, and wins a hard-fought corner kick. Kelly clears it to safety.

87th MINUTE: Cuevas cleverly bicycle-kicks a ball out of the danger zone and Paterson clears it long. Bernardez plays it long into the Battery penalty area again, and Cooper comes up and punches it to safety.

88th MINUTE: Ellison subtly shoves Lenhart in the back as he attempts a header. No call.

89th MINUTE: Bernardez plays long into the box. Falvey heads it clear.

90th MINUTE: With the Quakes giving it everything they have, here are my notes: Wilson clears, Falvey clears, van Schaik clears… 91st MINUTE… Lenhart flick-on cleared… Baca pushed the ball into danger but the Battery plays it well, keeps shape…

93rd MINUTE: Battery wins the ball back on a foul. Cooper takes his time on a free kick… Jahn to Baca, who crosses… Battery clears…

93rd MINUTE+: A questionable call against Wiltse gives the Quakes a free kick from about 28 yards out. Wondolowski takes it, and his shot bends toward the upper righthand corner of the Battery goal. Cooper leaps for it, and the ball deflects off the fingers of his glove, (EDITOR’S NOTE: Have now seen the replay on Battery TV, I now know that this is wrong. The ball definitely deflects into the frame as Cooper dives in its direction, but the deflection occurs just in front of him, probably off a Quakes player. The video resolution is too low for me to tell which one — dc) striking the frame and bouncing back into play, where the Battery clear it.


TOP IMAGE: Dane Kelly and Victor Bernardez jockey for position. KIM MORGAN GREGORY PHOTO.