Gallery Sunday: Demolition Derby

Gallery Sunday: Demolition Derby

So Saturday was, in some ways, a classic edition in the Charleston-Wilmington derby series.

And it was also at times chaotic, contentious and wildly out of control. Nerves frayed. Tempers flared.

What kind of game was it? Neither team was credited with a save in Wilmington’s 1-0 win, and the laissez-faire approach of the officiating crew led by award-winning referee Larry Stroud Jr. resulted in often brutal play, non-calls in the penalty box, confusion, sideline confrontations, two ejections and at the end of the night… well, just more confusion.

Here’s what it looked like from the sidelines at Legion Stadium in Wilmington…

TOP IMAGE: Outraged Battery Assistant Coach Troy Lesesne races toward the fourth official after a non-call in the Wilmington penalty box. The chaotic scene that followed ended with a player from each team being ejected, but no explanation of why. Dan Conover photos.


  1. WHERE is the ball on pics #4 – 48 – 50??? So infuriating!! Not going after the ball obviously.

  2. Oh and great photos!!

  3. I don’t mind that Wilmington plays a rough style of soccer. It can be a highly effective strategy and quite legal … when it’s kept in check by good officiating. When it isn’t, it’s kinda ugly and goes downhill fast. Hammerhead fans are generally obnoxious in the stands and sweethearts pre- and post-game. The ref is lucky it wasn’t a less civilized venue.