Got a rec team? Make your pitch here

Got a rec team? Make your pitch here

In the past week I’ve received two emails from relatively recent new-arrivals to the area, both of them looking for help in finding a league and a team in which to continue their playing days. Which got me to thinking…

I don’t have the resources at the moment to cover rec leagues. Still trying to figure out how to get them represented here. But one thing I could certainly do is to seek out, accept and promote profiles of leagues and teams.

Particularly teams. Because sometimes the teams that y’all organize are really for friends to play together, and sometimes they’re more competitive than that. Some have a social structure that extends beyond the pitch. Others keep it strictly game-oriented. Adult rec teams have personalities.

So here’s the offer: If you’re associated with an adult rec team and you’d like me to post and maintain a profile of your club, here’s what I need from you:

1. WORDS: I’m not picky. Make it as long or as short as you like. Tell people what you want them to know about your team. Just make sure you include information about what types of players (gender, age, fitness, skill level, etc.) would be appropriate to contact you, what times of year it’s best to inquire about joining the team, etc.

This is a random soccer shot. It's only here because it makes this article more visually interesting and improves readability.

This is a random soccer shot. It’s only here because it makes this article more visually interesting.

2. PICTURES: Please send at least two digital images. I don’t care what size or shape the second one is — I’ll size it and web optimize it if necessary — but one of the photos must be capable of being sized to fit the “featured image” hole on one of these posts. That’s the one at the top of every story here. If you really, really want to get a Gold Star from the webmaster, you can process your feature image to these specs: 650 px by 360 px, 72 dpi, web-optimized JPEG or PNG. I’ll use your second image in the text body, just to dress things up a bit. You can send me more, if you like.

3. CONTACTS: The whole point is to create a reference that visitors to the site can use to contact you. So be sure to give me whatever contact info you want me to publish.

4. ETC.: Tell me what league you’re in, and it would be helpful if you’d include all standard fees and charges associated with joining your league/team.

I’ll take whatever I get and try to organize them into a menu of some sort. The best way to get that info to me is to email me your text as a Notepad document (.txt files come with zero formatting, which is easier for me to work with), and attach it along with your photos. Click here to email me.

Wanna write about your team or league?

Connected to an adult rec league here in the Lowcountry and interested in writing about it for a wider soccer audience? Please email me to set up a time to talk.