Guess Who’s Back? Another Supporters’ Club Update

Guess Who’s Back? Another Supporters’ Club Update



As we head into the New Year, there’s much to talk about around Charleston if you’re part of one of our city’s 3 supporters’ clubs. The Arsenal branch has been involved in many Arsenal community events, and seems to be growing even more in its new home at Local 616. The Liverpool branch is also gaining strength in numbers, seemingly gaining members by the week at Madra Rua. The Tottenham fans are also making steady progress, their Charleston satellite branch moving back full time to Madra Rua.

Charsenal News:

Charsenal recently posted their 2013 year in review in their blog on their official site. Topics included taking in a match with former Arsenal player Danny Karbassiyoon, (who has retired early from the game and remains a scout at Arsenal) their trip to the Emirates late in the 2012/13 PL season, n a 4-1 win against Norwich.

They received an invitation to compete with other Arsenal groups in America in picking an All-Time Arsenal XI. (In which they finished 3rd behind Arsenal Boston & Arsenal Orange County) They also gave interviews for Arsenal Review USA and Triangle Arsenal’s podcasts.

Charsenal seem to only be growing stronger, with them apparently packing full 616 for the games against Liverpool and the Champions League tie against Borussia Dortmund.

Charsenal's official T-Shirts, as shown off at their pub, Local 616, back in November

Charsenal’s official T-Shirts, as shown off at their pub, Local 616, back in November

Other topics included a shout out to their bar,  their delight at signing Mesut Ozil and a few pictures of their first Official T-Shirts. And of course, they mentioned their team being top of the Premier League table.



The official Liverpool Supporters’ club of South Carolina also had an eventful first year of existence. Their local fanbase has only grown since OLSC-SC’s inception, and the word is spreading fast. With over 90 members statewide, things can only be on the way up. The crowd around Madra Rua has also grown exponentially in its own right, with the crowds for the Tottenham and Manchester City games noted to be among the best the club has ever seen.

The club is also nearing its’ one-year anniversary of official status, with them being granted the title by their parent club, Liverpool in February of 2013.

The front of OLSC-SC's official T-Shirt, included in their 2014 members' package. The back includes sponsorships from their two home pubs, Madra Rua, and The British Bulldog.

The front of OLSC-SC’s official T-Shirt, included in their 2014 members’ package. The back includes sponsorships from their two home pubs, Madra Rua, and The British Bulldog.

In December, the branch raffled off a 2013/14 signed home shirt for charity, raising money for Movember supporting Prostate cancer research. and the Carra 23 foundation, started by now-retired Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher, which aims to help the youth of Merseyside. The winner was announced at the Madra Rua during their sides’ win over Tottenham, and the club raised a grand total of $390.

They’ve also unveiled their membership packages for the 2014 membership year on the official site. The package includes a T-Shirt and a custom made OLSC-SC license plate.

SC Spurs news: 

Not much is there to say about the Charleston satellite group of the South Carolina Spurs. They have, however, moved back to the Madra Rua after a short stint at Prohibition downtown.


The Supporter’s clubs of South Carolina seem to be going strong, with all 3 of them on a sound footing. It just shows that the sport continues to grow in the state, and, as football fans, I’m sure we all hope it continues.

Top Image: Both of the Official club T-Shirts of Charsenal and the Liverpool Supporters’ Club of South Carolina.