Mike Freed: Harrisburg fan gallery

Mike Freed: Harrisburg fan gallery

Saturday’s 4-1 Battery loss at Harrisburg was one of the most painful moments of the year for Charleston fans, but one of the few bright spots was having a Battery fan from Pennsylvania on hand to shoot the match. Because while the soccer pitch at the Skyline Sports Complex on City Island in the Susquehanna River might not be the best, the area is kind of interesting, and the setting on City Island is actually far more urban than the webcast would suggest.

Harrisburg is the capital of Pennsylvania, and a historic city in its own right. And what the City Islanders’ field lacks in high-end quality, it makes up for with a casual and up-close fan experience.

The photographer is Mike Freed from Red Hill, PA. I got to meet him and his wife Linda via Regiment member Bobbi Bees at a tailgate during he 2014 Carolina Challenge Cup.

I’ve been involved coaching at the club/high school level for 34 years, coaching mostly girls.  I’m entering my 6th year at Upper Perkiomen High School and prior to that, I was at Quakertown High School for 14 years.  The first team I brought to Charleston for a camp with the Battery was from Quakertown in 2008.  While my “real job” is an accountant, I ran a sports travel business for roughly ten years, so I’ve had the opportunity to take teams to various locations throughout the United States, Canada, England, Wales, Scotland, Iceland, Denmark & Germany. 

My wife Linda and I “discovered” the Battery back in the mid 2000’s on a vacation to Charleston….we’ve been supporters ever since.  We usually schedule a vacation to Charleston once a year, always taking the Battery schedule into account.  We regular attend games when they play in Harrisburg and occasionally in Rochester.  Through our visits we became friends with Phil and Bobbi Bees (who are originally from up in our area).  What my wife and I love about the Battery is the family atmosphere…we love the interaction between the fans and the players/staff, something that gets lost at the MLS level (we have been season ticket holders since the first season of the Philadelphia Union).

All photos are by Mike Freed. Thanks for showing us another side of Harrisburg, Mike! 

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  1. Thanks for the photos and the information, Mike Freed.