New season, new faces, new kits

New season, new faces, new kits

The Charleston Battery introduced its 2015 team Wednesday, March 18, at the Three Lions Club at Blackbaud Stadium at the traditional Meet & Greet for season ticket holders.  View our gallery on Facebook. 


* Head Coach Mike Anhaeuser was so excited about the club’s decision to add the Battery’s name and founding year to the back of the official jerseys, he left the soiree twice to find one to show the crowd.

* The main attraction besides free food was the FIFA fight in The Scarf Room, where Battery players competed against each other in front of an appreciative crowd of (mostly) young fans. The Battery is looking to sponsor a FIFA showdown during the season, which will pit players against fans in several local venues. We’ll keep you posted.

* Players are feeling good about the team’s competitiveness, as are fans who’ve been watching pre-season games and training. The consensus is a versatile team with plenty of depth and a serious yen to win.

The Regiment and Queen Anne’s Revenge supporters groups are fired up and ready. A full-on Battery song, themed tailgate parties, and a post-game celebrations are already on the calendar.