News Flash: My new gig

News Flash: My new gig

When I first imagined starting a soccer news site back in the fall and winter of 2012, all I really knew was that I loved the game, supported the Charleston Battery, and wanted more: More information, more understanding, more passion, more connection. I wanted to do my small, local part to help grow the sport. grew out of those ideas and impulses, and now reaches an audience of several thousand local soccer fans every month.

But when I got the news that Whitney Woods — the Battery’s massively multi-tasking director of marketing and communications — was moving on to a new job, I jumped at the opportunity. I contacted Battery President Andrew Bell, put my resume into the pile, and over the next couple of weeks things fell into place.

I shadowed Whitney on Friday during the Richmond match and worked my first official shift as the club’s marketing and communications director on Monday. It’s a part-time job with a lot of responsibilities, and I’ve got a lot to learn to do it well. But to say I’m excited about this would be an understatement.

What it means here

I’m not sure what my new role with the Battery will mean for this site, but things will be changing.

You’ll see more of the news that I’m used to breaking here showing up first at and other sources. I suspect you’ll see more cross-over content, too. When the Battery became a sponsor of this site earlier this year, part of that deal was based on content sharing — photos, stories, interviews, etc.  So cooperation between the Battery and Xarktopia LLC  (our family-owned media services company) isn’t exactly new.

Janet — who is both my wife and my boss here at Xarktopia — has been taking over more of the photography recently, and you’ll probably see her work showing up on Gallery Sundays. John Ace will continue to cover away matches.

But as my focus shifts from writing about the Battery to promoting the club’s success, my hope is that this site will become a platform for other writers to use — regularly, occasionally, sporadically, obsessively, whatever. There’s a lot of soccer going on here in the Lowcountry, and our sport needs a local platform.

If you’re interested in being part of this, please email me at

Soccer has a great future in Charleston and around the world. Let’s build it together.


  1. Also, in case you missed yesterday’s Tweet, the Battery-v-Kickers match will be resumed at Blackbaud at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 22. More on that to come…

  2. Congrats, Dan!

  3. Way to go Dan!

  4. NOW, you’re a true insider, Congratulations! Does this mean, that you will be bartending Thursday nights like Whitney did, when the 9v9 league cranks back up in September?

  5. Dan,fantastic!

  6. Wouldn’t that be Dantastic?