Pre-Rhinos Wining and Dining

Pre-Rhinos Wining and Dining



It was a bright evening around Blackbaud stadium before the match against the Rochester Rhinos yesterday, which helped spirits at the Regiment’s pre-game tailgate. We were in a good mood, with good food, and good friends as usual.

The Regiment members consider themselves one big family, and the tailgates are just a pre-game dinner, which for the past number of years, has been a ritual among fans.

There was laughing, joking, and banter between fans, who were excited both that it was so nice and we were definitely going to see a good match.


Two  fans soak in the sun pre match yesterday

Two fans soak in the sun pre match yesterday








Craig Shultz and Johnathan Ace

Craig Shultz and I discussing the night’s prospects

It may not have been as good a match as previously suspected, but we were confident that we could pull something off, having been unbeaten at home so far.

We were wondering if we could keep our run of form going, having beat Houston Dynamo Reserves and Portland Timbers U-23s  on a road stand where we had only lost to Charlotte.

We were also talking about the MLS, and how New York City FC had been announced previously this week.

“Many People believe that maybe it’d be a good idea to have Promotion/relegation in America, but the markets aren’t big enough for it yet, I don’t think.” says Dan Conover, a Portland Timbers fan, and a big Battery supporter as well “Both leagues (The USL and MLS) need to be properly stable, with 40 teams getting revenue and good attendances before we can even think of doing it”

“Some fans of other leagues don’t consider the MLS that good a league because of its play-off system, but it has been getting better over the past three or 4 years, with more teams coming into the league and more high profile players coming in as well. So maybe after you have that for awhile, it’ll get bigger and maybe we can think about changes.”  He continued.

Shortly after that, the match started, which was a bit of an anti-climax, considering the aforementioned form and the eagerness to get underway to begin with, but neverless, our guys in E10 were as loud as ever, drumming and chanting from minute 1 until minute 90, proving that no matter what happens, we will continue to support the cause.

TOP IMAGE: Kevin and Sonya Price enjoy the pre-match festivities with their friend Jason Hatley