Quick reminder: 2 A.O. CHS watch parties Friday!

Quick reminder: 2 A.O. CHS watch parties Friday!

Just a month ago (Sept. 10) we had that great night at Madra Rua when the USA beat Mexico in Columbus and punched the team’s ticket to Brazil next summer. On Friday we’ll be back out again for the US rematch with Jamaica (6:30 p.m. EST, on ESPN).

Only this time the American Outlaws Charleston will be watching in a couple of places — their official bar at Madra Rua Park Circle, plus a second group that will be gathering at Prohibition, a bar with a rising soccer presence on Upper King Street. That’s according to AOCHS President Mikey Buytas.

This is still a World Cup qualifying match, but with the US already in and Jamaica already out, it’s lacking in drama. That doesn’t mean it won’t have it’s interesting storylines — our best players are out, leaving plenty of room for guys that Jurgen Klinsmann wants to develop to step in and make a case. I think that leaves us in a potentially vulnerable spot, particularly given the recent history between these teams. The Reggae Boyz haven’t been good this qualifying cycle, but they’ve certainly given the USA fits.

And of course, it was just 13 months ago that a tense moment in a USA-Jamaica clash gave us the iconic Deuce Face.

Deuce Face