Seeing Red: Rhinos draw Battery at Blackbaud

Seeing Red: Rhinos draw Battery at Blackbaud

Ralph-Lundy-soccer-sponsorship-message2Consider this a placeholder for Sunday, since I’ve got something else I have to do tonight.

But the story of the night was that Rochester came down to Charleston and played a good defensive game, and then got a little help from the officials en route to a frustrating scoreless draw.

Things got off on the wrong foot before the National Anthem (which was sung extremely well, BTW) when the officials allowed the game to proceed with both teams wearing essentially the same uniform. The only real difference was that the Battery’s dark stripes were black, and Rochester’s were dark green. And yes, it affected the game.

But the match hit its nadir in the 83rd minute when the officials ejected Battery defensive midfielder Amadou Sanyang for a phantom headbutt. In fact, Sanyang was shoved out of a midfield scrum with two hands to his chest, and then retaliated by shoving the Rhino who had pushed him.

Despite being a man down, the Battery’s substitutes played well in the final minutes.

But it was one of those nights.

Full story tomorrow.