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Paying the bills at CHSSoccer.net

Unlike metro, regional and local news organizations that cover lots of sports, CHSSoccer.net only cares about one sport. Unlike national and international soccer sites that cover teams from lots of places, CHSSoccer.net only cares about teams from one place. That’s what we call a niche.

So here’s the pitch: If you’re a local organization on a budget and you want to reach the thousands of local people who are avid soccer fans, then this is your site. We deliver a growing, tightly focused audience that’s the perfect buy for the right kind of sponsor.


This site offers standard, old-school display advertising. Our per-view rates are higher than what you’d pay on a CPM basis at a big general-interest news website, but that’s because we’re not selling the attention of people from somewhere else, or even local people who have no interest in your mission or your product.

In our case, it’s What You See is What You Get. We sell traditional skybox ads for flat rates and fixed durations. No rotations. No running out of views ahead of your event. You pick your spot, and you own it for the length of your contract.

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Everybody knows what a traditional ad looks like on the web, but we’re particularly excited by the idea of offering long-term Topic Sponsorships to businesses and organizations that want to grow with the local soccer scene.

When you sponsor a news topic, your support makes expanded coverage of that topic possible. We show our appreciation by putting your sponsor message at the top of every story we write about that subject. These in-story ads are typically the first thing someone notices once they begin reading.

Want to help grow soccer in the Lowcountry while gaining good will and exposure among a tightly focused audience? It all starts by emailing Dan Conover to schedule a conversation about your needs.