Supporters Clubs gear up for separate trips to CCC

Supporters Clubs gear up for separate trips to CCC



The supporters’ scene in Charleston is still going strong.

The Liverpool group now numbers well over 100 members, which is quite amazing considering they’ve only been together a year. Charsenal is trying to engage with more of their brethren through various means, and the SC Spurs are coming along quite nicely, if a bit quietly.


Charsenal have been doing well, and are always looking for new members. To accomplish this, they’ve been active on Twitter, their blog, and have printed flyers to pass and post around. The idea is to reach people who haven’t yet visited their home pub, Local 616 in Uptown Charleston, or are unaware of the club’s presence.

They are also looking to get The Post and Courier or The Charleston City Paper to spotlight them specifically, along with the area’s football culture in general.

Daniel Brock, who runs the Charsenal blog, recently took a trip to see his team in a 2-0 win over Fulham. He posted an extensive feature documenting his adventures, which you can see here.

They also plan to make a trip to Blackbaud Stadium for the Charleston Battery’s Carolina Challenge Cup as a group on Saturday for the the first weekend of the tournament.

OLSC-SC (Liverpool)

The Official Liverpool Supporters Club of South Carolina recently celebrated its one year anniversary as an official branch, and are more than 100 members strong. Club President Jim Lynch said he never expected the club to blow up the way it has, but welcomes the ever-growing local Kopite community.

They also plan on taking their group for a trip to Blackbaud, but have chosen March 1, the second weekend of the tournament.

At the moment, the group is hard at work organizing plans for their teams’ proposed trip to Charlotte in August, as part of Liverpool’s preseason. Members of the branch took trips to Boston and Baltimore for their 2012 North American tour, and look forward to seeing the team again in their first trip south, having played in the northern parts of the country on their two previous visits.

OLSC-SC meets for matches at Madra Rua Park Circle.

SC SPURS (Tottenham)

The local chapter of the statewide SC Spurs has been quiet of late. The Charleston-area group re-established Madra Rua Park Circle as its home for 2014 after an experiment with an Upper King Street bar last summer.


Blues fan John Sparenburg recently created a Facebook group called Holy City Blues. It’s already got 44 members — a good number, but not exactly a surprise, given the amount of Chelsea fan gear you’ll spot around town.

We’ll be profiling this new group soon.

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