That, my friends, is a community calendar

That, my friends, is a community calendar

Do all the different soccer people in Charleston doing different things in different places constitute a community? Well, not yet. But there are multiple soccer communities here that we’ve bumped up against since we started working toward this site late last year.

Fan communities. Communities of players and coaches and retired professionals. People who root for Liverpool. People who meet to root for Arsenal. People who tailgate with The Regiment before Battery matches. Fans of individual colleges, high schools, club teams. Parents. Referees. People who love the Battery. People who can’t stand them.

Lots of little groups and cliques and leagues. Some of them rise to the status of “communities,” but many are just small groups unto themselves. And maybe happy that way. Who knows?

So, if you mash them all together into one site under the general banner of “soccer,” does that make them a community? What if you try to collect as much information about them and their events and possible and put them into one calendar?

If you make people’s more-or-less common interests visible across the old boundaries that kept them artificially separate, do they start moving toward a common network? Can a common network with shared resources become a community?

And so on.

I keep asking questions because I don’t know the answer. This site is, in a sense, simply a way of finding out. There wasn’t a connected, networked soccer community in the Lowcountry in 2012. Will there be one by the end of 2013? Or 2014? And our answer is, we’ll try to provide whatever connections and opportunities we can, and whatever comes of that comes of that.

The beginnings of a community calendar are now displayed on the home page. I built it from several sources, with an assist (although he didn’t know it) from Bradley Simmons of the Plague Rats. We’ll keep adding to it, and mixing and experimenting. And yes, you can just send us your event information and we’ll try to add it.

But here’s the thing. That calendar widget is set up so that everybody who manages an organizational schedule can just log in and update their own information. At any time. Without any help from me.

So this is my ask: I’ll publish a free community calendar here  — Will you volunteer to keep your organization’s information up to date?

Who knows?

But my bet is some of you will. And then a few more will sign on.

And it will be cool.

To get a calendar login in, email me.

Dan Conover