CHS Soccer’s collection of images from events, from the pre-game march into Blackbaud to the post-game celebrations. Maybe you’re in the frame!

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A calendar of what’s coming up including games, Battery gatherings and social occasions.

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The best places for watching soccer with fellow fans, or just to hang out match or no match.

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Feed your soccer addiction:

Charleston Battery
 The official site of the Charleston Battery USL team.

Formerly USL Pro, the official site with links to team sites.

The official site of Major League Soccer.

Houston Dynamo
The Battery’s USL affiliate.

Men in Blazers
Smart soccer, snappy suits.

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Alexa Ball: The Up-curve

Alexa Ball: The Up-curve

When I was young, I can recall having a somewhat U-shaped relationship with Tony the Peanut man. In my younger formative years, I was fascinated by the man – mainly because he was loud, and had a funny hat, although I had no real sense of what he actually... read more