The Pre-Game Revamped As Lions Fans Come To Party

The Pre-Game Revamped As Lions Fans Come To Party



Friday’s tailgate went all out as the Orlando City Lions came to town. They brought their faithful along with them, with a side order of rain. That didn’t dampen the mood though, as the spread of food was quite tasteful. The usual hot dogs were on offer, but there was also frogmore stew, and a little thing called S’more’s cups, which got my vote for highlight of the tailgate

Grillmaster Mike Ross has help as he lifts part of Friday's spread under the tent

Grill master Mike Ross has help as he lifts part of Friday’s spread under the tent

The weather tried to get in the way at times, two bouts of rain hit us, but all it seemed to cause was claustrophobia, as you had about 100 people huddled under one overhang, but thankfully, the rain held off all match and we got to enjoy it as best we could.

The Lions fans were at it from the get-go, starting chants and obviously making a day of it, while the battery fans did all they could, as per usual, to be accommodating hosts.

The parking lot was packed, you were running into people left, right, and center, and you got the feeling this was one of the best tailgates of the year. As time wore on, it got even better, with good tunes and even better food. These were probably the two best teams in the league, and everyone was itching for kick-off.

Even though the result didn’t go either way, it was okay that we drew, however, this was our 4th draw in a row, and it may be time to change the lineup a bit for more of that “edge.” We don’t have it, and that’s alarming, to say the least.

We enjoyed ourselves on a night which included a 6-0 win for the USA, for which both sets of fans gathered at Madra Rua to watch, so the night ended on a highnote, as you would expect.

It was a good night to be a Football fan, and there’s many to come.

ABOVE PICTURE: Orlando Fans gather around their tent as kick0ff edges closer. (Credit Dan Conover)