The Road Trip From Hell: A Twitter story

The Road Trip From Hell: A Twitter story

Ralph-Lundy-soccer-sponsorship-message2Rather than try to describe this incredible journey the Battery just completed, after reading back through some of the Twitter correspondence from the past week, I thought I’d just get out of the way and let the participants do the talking.

Not everyone on the team is a Tweeter (unfortunately for us), and not everyone who participated in this story went along for the ride. But when I stitched it all together, I realized it was really kind of cool.

The players selected for the Open Cup match fly to Utah, take Real Salt Lake to the limit before losing in overtime, then fly to Pittsburgh, where they meet the rest of team, which took a bus up from Charleston. They settle for a draw in Pittsburgh, bus up to Rochester, check into a hotel in the wee hours, and are promptly wakened by a fire alarm. Three guys come down sick with something, reshuffling their game plans. Less than 24 hours after the start of their Saturday night game, their makeshift lineup almost pulls out a win in Rochester, and then the exhausted crew gets back on their bus for what sounds like a horrendous trip home. They arrived Monday afternoon.

The team has the day off today, and brother, they’ve earned it.

I think I speak for most Battery fans when I salute the toughness required to compete under these conditions. To go out and do it, and then to go back and do it again.

Glad to have you back. Rest up.

For those of you not familiar with the team, Nicki Paterson is a veteran USL PRO star with MLS-grade talent from Scotland; Austin Savage is a rookie forward from South Carolina; Bryce Alderson is 19-year-old on loan from Vancouver Whitecaps, where he is also part of Canada’s U-23 team; Jose Cuevas is a Californian and the just-turned-24-year-old 2012 USL PRO Rookie of the Year; Ben Fisk is a 20-year-old who recently left the team and returned to Vancouver when he suffered a second knee injury; @BatteryBaudBoy is Mikey Buytas, the president of The Regiment, the Battery’s official supporters group; and Bobby Weisenberger is the team’s head athletic trainer and older brother.

Editor’s note: Don’t worry too much about the dates. Twitter’s embed feature is far from perfect at this stage in its development. dc


Flight from Charleston to Salt Lake City.


Training and preparation in Utah.




Battery play Real Salt Lake in the U.S. Cup; Teammates prepare for bus trip to meet them in Pittsburgh.























Thursday and Friday

Travel to Pittsburgh, getting settled.

— The Regiment (@TheRegiment2) June 15, 2013





Game day in Pittsburgh, late night bus to Rochester.


  1. this one was great Dan, good work!

  2. This is AWESOME. I hope the guys got some sleep before the game Saturday against Tampa. Can’t wait to watch the win from my sweet seat at the Baud.