There is no off-season here

There is no off-season here

Hi everybody:

Just wanted to step back from our usual coverage for a moment to thank everyone for the help and support you’ve given me over the first seven months of reporting, shooting, writing and just generally figuring things out on this site.

The people who comprise the Charleston Battery are now wrapping up the logistical details of their 2013 season: Packing up, moving out, booking tickets, sorting through all the little things that come with any big transition.

I’m doing that here, too: Fixing the broken community calendar, adding new features, cleaning up code and organization, making schedules — all the geeky stuff I didn’t have time to do before. 

As a fan and a homer-journalist, I had a blast covering a very good Battery team in 2013. I’m already looking forward to covering the team’s off-season and marking the days until the first match of the 2014 Carolina Challenge Cup. Battery news doesn’t stop because the games do.

But I’m also shifting attention to the four college teams we cover — and looking for opportunities to expand our coverage of everything else: Rec leagues, fan groups, soccer-related businesses, youth development leagues, you name it. Several of you have given me great suggestions, and now is the time for me to start implementing them. It’s also time for me to start figuring out the business side of things.

If you’ve got feedback for the site, I want to hear it. You can leave a comment here, but you can also go offline and email me at

In the meantime, this is my chance to mention how much I appreciate the new friendships we’ve made over the past seven months, how much I’ve enjoyed getting at least a vague sense of who these professionals are as human beings, and all the memorable highs and lows along the way (which we’ll be reviewing here shortly).

Special thanks to Mikey Buytas, Andrew Bell, Tommy Snee, Clark BrissonRalph Lundy Jr. and Phil and Bobbi Bees for their continuing encouragement, support and guidance. To Colin Falvey, John Wilson, Jose “Chiva” Cuevas and Nicki Paterson, thanks for agreeing to sit down and talk with such a nosy reporter. Thanks to Kim and Doug for showing me the ropes on the sidelines, to John and Nicki Ace for your work and effort, to Dane for hanging out and putting me on the radio. Whitney and Suzanne pitched in to keep things moving. Bobby Weisenberger is a great guy who made me feel welcome during those awkward, early days. The Regiment treated us feel like family. And thanks to Mike Anhaeuer for all that time and patience.

As for you readers, just know this: I kept pushing ahead because you kept showing up. By the thousands. Special thanks to everyone who commented, emailed, or followed me on Facebook and Twitter. And to the people who re-Tweeted our stuff: You’re our marketing department, and you’re awesome.

OK. Enough with the touchy-feely crap. We now return you to your regularly scheduled soccer, already (and always) in progress…

TOP IMAGE: Charleston Battery players wander off the pitch at the Florida Citrus Bowl after their 2-3 loss to the Orlando City Lions on Aug. 30, 2013. Dan Conover photo.



  1. Great as usual, Dan. It’s been my pleasure getting to know you and your lovely wife. The players from this year’s team will always hold a special place in my heart. I hope that many of them will return for next season. Ross and I went over to the stadium today and we were able to say goodbye to those players who are not staying in Charleston during the off-season. I wish all of them well in whatever their future brings, but I will miss any of them who do not return.

    You have done a wonderful job in your coverage of the games and the players. Now if we can just get some more people out for the games, that would be great. I’ve loved your in-depth interviews with some of the players. I hope that you will do more of those next season.

  2. As an added note – Go Tarheels.

  3. Thank you Jenny. And that’s a goal we share in common: Sell out Blackbaud for every home match. That day will come.

  4. Dane got a trial with Philadelphia Union

    • Thanks for the tip. It was spot on. Found a link on Brotherly Game.