Thursday roundup: Battery bits & superscripts

Thursday roundup: Battery bits & superscripts

News items and cool stuff compiled in the midst of doing several other things, occasionally simultaneously…

Battery notes

Ralph-Lundy-soccer-sponsorship-message-2GOOD GOLLY IT’S MOLLY’S: The biggest news for Battery fans this week (that I know about) is the soft announcement yesterday of a deal that makes Molly Darcy’s on East Bay Street the official “Watch Party Bar” for Battery away matches. The first live-stream watch party will be Saturday night before the 7 p.m. kickoff of the Battery’s season opener on the road at Richmond.

It’s not clear to me what the details of this sponsorship agreement are, but if the Battery’s marketing power packs fans into a Charleston Market bar a couple times a month from April through August, that’s got to be worth a little something.

I know there had been speculation about whether the club would consider opening the Three Lions Club for watch parties this season, and this deal puts that talk to rest. I thought Mikey Buytas made some good points about why this announcement represents a good deal for the club. Not only is there presumably some monetary or barter value coming back to the franchise, but this puts the watch parties in a nightlife area frequented by the younger group of fans the Battery would like to attract to future home matches.

Anyway, it changes the way we’ll think about away-days for 2013, and leaves me trying to figure out how I’ll work this experience into my coverage plan.

Molly Darcy’s is located at 235 East Bay, and if you’re wondering where that is, it’s the Mediterranean-looking building that used to be the Meritage wine bar and about a half a dozen different things over the past decade or son. If you’re headed downtown on East Bay it’s on your right just in the block before you reach Market Street. Nice like Irish/Euro sports bar atmosphere, and the pub already has a place in Charleston Battery lore, as some half-remembered-but-never-forgotten celebrating took place there after the 2012 championship. It sounds like there’s a real relationship between the bar and the club, and I like that so much better than the marriages of marketing convenience that you see between sponsors and sports franchises.

ON TO RICHMOND: The Battery put up a Richmond advance today that touched on the traditional rivalry between the clubs. Typically Richmond-away is a popular Regiment travel date, but with the 2013 schedule placing it at the top of the season it was just too early in the calendar to make for a great group travel option.

There are rumors that at least a couple of local fans will make the trip, and if I can confirm that we’ll be checking in with them Saturday to see what the game experience was like there. UPDATE: Rumor confirmed. Regiment board members Phil and Bobbi Bees will make the drive, and we’ll try to check in with them after the game ends.

BTW, Richmond is playing up the rivalry too.

The Kickers drew Pittsburgh at home last week 0-0.

I saw Coach Mike Anhaeuser on the the sidelines this afternoon during the opening session of the id2 Training Camp at the Blackbaud complex and considered asking him for a comment on the Richmond game. But then I decided to give the dude, and myself, a break. He’s still basking in the amber glow of his 2013 Crossbar Challenge victory, and sometimes I’m just not in the mood to bother people. Take it up with my boss.

FERGUSON FUN FACTS: There’s interesting stuff in an intern-written (no name provided) feature about rookie center back Shawn Ferguson on the Battery website today. For instance, I didn’t know he was still in enrolled at the College of Charleston and only trains with the club part-time during the week. He’s also a member of the College of Charleston Leadership group? The club Tweeted pictures of him and teammates Colin Falvey and Nicki Paterson from the organization’s dinner on the Yorktown last night.

JOSE CUEVAS ON USL PRO PODCAST: I still haven’t found the time to sit still and listen to it, but everyone’s favorite All-American kid from California got interviewed on the latest installment of USL PRO Weekly. But I’m gonna. You know. Soon.

ON THE ROAD AGAIN: The Battery will be loading up the bus and heading out tomorrow around lunchtime, and I’ll try to get by before they leave town. Could be an interesting day for Battery news, as there could be things to talk about out of Vancouver tomorrow…


U.S. Club Soccer id2 Training Camp kicks off

Girls born in 1999 play keep-away at today's id2 session on Daniel Island.

Girls born in 1999 play keep-away at today’s id2 session on Daniel Island.

I managed to break away from my other jobs this afternoon just long enough to run out and shoot a few pictures at the Battery training fields of the kids selected to Charleston’s first camp. That cramped schedule didn’t really leave me the time to hang out and do interviews. But I got to get a bit of a feeling for the vibe. It’s a bunch of boys on one field and a bunch of girls on another, under the supervision of some quality coaches, doing warm-ups and drills while a few adults watch from the sidelines.

In other words, it’s soccer practice. Just a really cool soccer practice.

I also heard from Adam Augustine, the marketing and communication guy for U.S. Club Soccer today about yesterday’s post. He pointed out that “id2″ is supposed to be written with the letters in lower case and the 2 suspended above the line as a superscript numeral. And since I have no clue how to make WordPress do that, I’m telling y’all about it so you can adjust it properly in your minds. So when I write “id2,” just mentally raise that 2 like you would in scientific notation.

There. Just like that. Thank you for your cooperation.

I’ll also pass along his other comments:

Also, just a couple other odds and ends to give you a better idea of how this camp fits within the context of the entire id2 Program. While this camp is focused primarily on 2000 boys and 1999 girls, those dates shift with each set of camps. For example, the two camps held in the fall of 2012 were heavily focused on 1999 boys and 1998 girls. In general, the program is typically focused on two age groups during each program cycle.

It also might be of note that the id2 Program is an Olympic Development Program as approved by the United States Olympic Committee and U.S. Soccer Federation.

You can also follow U.S. Club Soccer on Twitter at @usclubsoccer.

Selected club players born in the year 2000 warm up for the first training session of the 2013 id2 Training Camp in Charleston.

Selected club players born in the year 2000 warm up for the first training session of the 2013 id2 Training Camp in Charleston.


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  1. The Battery stadium pitch is as pretty as, I’ve ever seen it right now. We played Tuesday and Thursday nights and it was like walking on a plush carpet. You would leave footprints with every step. Hope the US Club Soccer’s combine and our two nights next week, don’t damage it much.