Update on the new gig

Update on the new gig

For those of you who’ve been asking about how things are going over in my new part-time role in marketing and communications for the Battery front office, here’s the summary: Rapidly.

Since moving in at 1990 Daniel Island Road at the beginning of the month, I’ve been trying to soak up as much information as I can in the minimal amount of time. Sometimes that’s exciting, other times intimidating. But the bottom line is that I am learning, and the club staff and interns have been highly supportive.

Goal No. 1 remains making sure that I get competent at all the things that must be done. Goal No. 2 is making sure that we keep reaching out to new fans while engaging, informing and respecting the fans who already support the club. Beyond that there’s been a bit of time for little projects and some interesting discussions. But just a bit.

If you’re not already following the Battery on Twitter, please pick it up. We’re trying to up our game on Facebook content and interaction, too.

The only downside is that the job requires me to work matches from behind the glass in the press box instead of out in the stands or down on the field. I miss that buzz and connection. But the upside is obvious: Best seat in the house.

Meanwhile, I’m happy to publish our first piece by Alexa Ball here today (plus John Ace‘s interview with Jose Cuevas earlier this week), and I’m actively looking for Lowcountry people who want to write about soccer. So long as it’s got SOMETHING local to it — including the vague notion that at least the writer lives here — I’m open to publishing it. I spent a bunch of time in the offseason trying to recruit people to start their own sites so that I could link to their work, but the truth is starting and administering a website is just plain daunting for a lot of writers. But now that I’m doing most of my reporting for charlestonbattery.com, CHSSoccer can change its identity and share its audience with writers who just need a place to work and publish.

That means loosening things up a bit here, which is good. I won’t put up with meanness or disregard for facts, but other than that, I’m open. Local soccer culture needs outlets for expressing itself, and if this can be one of them, I’ll be a happy man. Bonus points for anyone who can write with a sense of humor and enjoyment.

If you’re interested, please email me: dan@danconover.com.


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  1. Should be photos as well, Dan, not just articles.