Wednesday soccer news reset

Wednesday soccer news reset

Xark-msg-72-dpi-593-pxThe big news locally? Round Two of the 2013 Carolina Challenge Cup. I’ll have posts advancing the Vancouver v. Dynamo (5 p.m. game) and the Battery v. Fire (7:15 game) up shortly, but given the limited number of top-tier exposure we get here in the South, any day that you can drive out to Daniel Island and get to watch three Major League Soccer squads in action is a big day.

LINK LOVE: The very cool soccer site Union Dues just posted a Q&A feature about The Regiment. The guy on the receiving end of the questions is Charleston’s own Mikey Buytas, president of the Battery’s official supporter’s group and sales rep for Global Scarves (when you think custom scarves, think Buytas). Recommended.  An excerpt:

8- Who is your biggest rival? 
Historically it would be Richmond and charlotte.  We have all been clubs from more than 21 years.  Longer than some of our supporters have been alive!  Rochester is always a good match, but more recently it has been Orlando and Wilmington.  Orlando because of their success during the regular season and Wilmington just because of it proximity.   We also have a long rivalry with DC United dating back to the late 90s and each time we meet we play for the Coffee Pot Cup (you can find the details on Wikipedia)

9- What is your relationship with other USL PRO Supporter Groups?
Great, The Regiment and the Port City Firm have a pretty close relationship and we talk to one another about the ideas.   The Guys in the Ruckus and Iron Lion Firm have been good host as well.  I know a lot of fans in Richmond pretty well too.  We’ve developed good relationships with several MLS supporter groups as well through our Carolina Challenge Cup we host each year.

Plus, on a personal note, we’re happy to see this kind of emerging independent media attention on American soccer at levels below MLS. Grassroots is a good way to get things done. But then again, we’re biased that way.

Regiment members braving the cold on a memorable first night of CCC '13. Kim Gregory photo.

Regiment members braving the cold on a memorable first night of CCC ’13. Kim Gregory photo.

YOU’RE FAMOUS: Well, not exactly, and probably not for 15 minutes. But if you’re coming out to Battery matches and stopping by to meet the folks from the Regiment, there’s a good chance you’ll eventually show up in one of Kim Morgan Gregory‘s photo galleries.

Kim is a photographer, entrepreneur and longtime Battery fan who has been documenting the team and its most passionate supporters for years. Her growing archive of images represents a rich resource for fans, both for historical context and, well… a lot of her photos are just fun. I’ve wasted entirely too much of my productive time there, cycling through photos of the team and the Regiment. Great stuff.

While we’re on the subject of photos, I’d like to invite anyone who posts a Battery or Charleston-related soccer photo on the web to send me the URL. I’m always happy to point cool stuff out to the rest of the community. It’s called link-love, and it makes the Internet work.

SPEAKING OF LINK LOVE: A shout-out to the Charleston Battery, which Tweeted a link to this morning. Thanks, y’all.

And if expanding coverage of local soccer — Battery and beyond — is important to you, just link to us. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.  We want to keep growing, adding topics, and getting more knowledgeable, but it all depends on finding the right readers.

And so on.

LET’S GO TO THE REPLAY: Good news for people who like winning and losing on merits instead of error: FIFA, which has a history of showing all the wisdom of a rabid ferret on crystal meth, has stepped up and approved goal line technology for the Confederations and World Cup.  It might be a while before that technology trickles down to Charleston, but it’s practically inevitable now.

Speaking of technology, did anyone else notice that one of the secured wifi signals showing up at Blackbaud Stadium on Saturday was for the adidas miCoach system? MLS was the first professional league to officially partner with the manufacturer last season, as anyone who watched matches on television was sure to have noticed.

ROCHESTER SIGNING: Blake Brettschnieder, a young MLS veteran who played his college ball at the University of South Carolina, just signed with Rochester. I thought he showed flashes of brilliance last season, so he’ll be one to watch.


JUST ARRIVED AND ALREADY CALLING IT ‘CHUCKTOWN': One of our favorite MLS bloggers showed up yesterday, and with his connections and background quickly linked up with top-league players and coaches. Josh Whisenhunt picked up the biggest open secret in Charleston soccer, which is that the Three Lions is a gem of a soccer pub. Then the MLS guys hit the town.

But the biggest MLS Insider scoop of the day — and by the way, I’m not being snarky, I just love this stuff — is about Houston’s Warren Creavalles getting stuck in his bathroom at the Daniel Island Hampton Inn.

Fortunately, we’ve got the video…