Will D: Last postcard from Iceland… for now

Will D: Last postcard from Iceland… for now
Will Dieterich with Charleston Battery in February.

Will Dieterich with Charleston Battery in February.

Editor’s note: American goalkeeper Will Dieterich sent this update from Iceland (his first post is here, his second here) almost a week ago, but with my swamped schedule, I didn’t get this installment processed soon enough to make the reference to the season-ending game “this week” timely (looks like plucky little Tindastoll lost … again). But Will reports today that things have been going well with this week with is big club tryout, and other Icelandic possibilities are bubbling up as well. As for his future, Will returns to the States next week — and he’ll take stock of his opportunities once he arrives… Oh, and be sure to check out Will’s Icelandic highlight reel at the bottom. Not too shabby! — dc

As the season draws close to the end, I am more and more thankful for the opportunity that I have had to play here at UMF Tindastoll. Despite the game results not being the best, the experience has been great. Individually, I have done the best I can and I believe I have gained a lot of notice from that. I have been fortunate enough to continue my soccer career when things seemed at its worst. I cannot be happier about that.

I have not been out adventuring much the past couple weeks. My focus has been aimed 100 percent towards soccer and trying to help the team finish the season strong as well as preparing myself for trials and new opportunities when the season ends here.

Team of the Week goalkeeper.

Team of the Week goalkeeper.

The past week the team earned their first clean sheet of the season and I received my first appearance on team of the week. This was a very nice feeling to see my hard work paying off and the league giving me recognition for it.

Ironically this came after the easiest game I have played since I got here, so most of the credit must go to the defense and the rest of the team for keeping my job easy. This week we face the first-place team in the final game of the season. A tie is enough for them to clinch the league title so we hope to spoil their day despite the odds being highly against us. The crowd size and the fact that we will be televised makes this atmosphere very exciting for any athlete.

After the game I will then be joining up with a club in the Pepsi Deidlin (Iceland’s premier league) to train for the remainder of my time in Iceland. I will leave Sauðárkrókur behind and move to Reykjavik for just over a week.  I am optimistic and hopeful that there is an opportunity for me to earn a contract with this club Fram or another club in Iceland for next season.

Regardless of the result, the past couple months has been great and I am even more driven to reach higher and bigger levels in the soccer world after the season concludes here.  After leaving Iceland I will have a look at what options are available and what is best for me moving forward in my soccer career.

Volcano and Northern lights

Northern Lights visible over the currently erupting Icelandic volcano.

I still hope to get a glimpse of Aurora Borealis before leaving Iceland. The temperature has started to get colder here. There have been sightings of the amazing phenomenon close to where I am living but I still have not been lucky enough to see it. Someone even captured an amazing photo of the Northern Lights taking place over the erupting volcano a couple weeks ago.

I really wanted to take this opportunity to thank my family and friends that have helped me get to this point in my life. I know they will continue to support me every step of the way after I leave here. Many amazing people have come into my path and welcomed me with open arms into their homes, city, and teams. Whether it was great host families during my PDL days, college teammates embracing me for holidays I couldn’t make it home for, or all the nice people I have met here in Iceland that made my time here special. I am very grateful for each person that has graciously helped me along the way and those of you who have taken the time to read about my story and my travels.

One thing I can say for sure is that your kind words have helped me along the way during some rough days in the past. I look forward to having good news in the near future as I continue this winding road of professional soccer and the nomadic lifestyle that sometimes comes with it.

TOP IMAGE: Will Dieterich poses with Tindastoll teammate Ben Griffiths for a season-ending Facebook portrait.


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  1. Will, I am so proud to know you. Enjoy these updates and will be wishing you much luck. Lots of love.
    May May