World Cup update

World Cup update
Three Lions Club drew about 40 fans on Thursday.

Three Lions Club drew about 40 fans on Thursday.

On Thursday we watched the opening match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup with about 40 other fans at Three Lions Club in Blackbaud Stadium on Daniel Island (a damned fine Brazilian roast beef sandwich, BTW).

On Friday, we rushed out to Local 616 on Meeting Street in Uptown, arriving in the 16th minute to find that Dwayne’s soccer-centric pub was already Standing Room Only. So we changed plans and rushed over to Moe’s Crosstown on Rutledge Avenue. There we found a veritable nest of Dutch soccer fanatics and thoroughly enjoyed the Oranje’s 5-1 win over defending champions Spain.

Two World Cups ago, Moe’s was one of the only bars in Charleston that regularly televised soccer. In this cycle, we have an unprecedented number of options. Which means we’ll be looking for places to watch Uruguay v. Costa Rica tomorrow before we head out to Blackbaud for tomorrow’s Battery vs. LA Galaxy II match.

Where did all these Netherlands fans come from? Moe's Crosstown went Dutch on Friday.

Where did all these Netherlands fans come from? Moe’s Crosstown went Dutch on Friday.

Sorry, England v. Italy. Local first.

Sunday means three more matches. And come Monday, we’ll be at Madra Rua Park Circle with the Holy City American Outlaws for the Yanks’ match against Ghana. This is where our Outlaws got its start, and it’s gonna be rocking.

So here’s the thing: Where are you watching?

Where are the best crowds? Are there pockets of different national fan groups that are gathering at specific venues (like the surprising number of Dutch fans at Moe’s today)? What bars are treating soccer fans with the most love and appreciation?

Standing room only at Local 616 on Friday.

Standing room only at Local 616 on Friday.

We really want to know — so we can tell everyone, and help them find the best places to go. So please tell us. Send us your photos. Give us your reviews, suggestions and stories. We’ll promoted them here, on Facebook and Twitter.

TOP IMAGE: Local 616 doesn’t bother to advertise. They just treat soccer fans right 12 months a year and put up international flags to remind people when it’s World Cup time. And there wasn’t a seat to be had Friday afternoon for Spain vs. Netherlands. Dan Conover crappy camera-phone photo.


  1. Trying to support the Three Lions Club. Hopefully if they get enough fans coming to watch in the Pub, they will open it for more matches beyond the World Cup. As a Battery fan, I’d like to see that happen. Also, they have really good food, great atmosphere, and plenty of room to watch the matches. I’ve tried to watch matches at other venues and haven’t had the best experience, so I’ll stick to the Three Lions. Hope more of you will do the same. As for the games that the Pub is not open, we’ll probably watch those in the comfort of our own home on the big screen in HD and in the recliners. :)

  2. they open on Thursday nights, when the men’s 9v9 leagues are playing